"If you're looking for a really great place to work out, this is it! Studio 92 is such a supportive, positive, motivating and energizing environment. Karen and her Z Factor team are the most energetic and engaging instructors I've ever taken Zumba® with. They are always coming up with new choreography so even those of us who have been coming for years get an amazing and different workout every class. I especially love the evening classes because the black light adds to the atmosphere but nothing beats the Saturday morning class - it's always packed and such a great way to start your weekend! Megan's T.T.S.U. bootcamp classes are also fantastic - you get a wicked effective total-body workout. Love her music and she's great at what she does - she mixes it up so that class is always different. The atmosphere is very motivating. If you haven't tried the Studio they often offer a free trial week... you owe it to yourself to go!"

- Karen M.

"Let me preface this with... I hate working out. Hate it. I always try to get into something and then don't find it motivating or fun enough and I don't stick with it.

That said, since November I've been consistently attending Zumba® classes here after a coworker dragged me to a free class. I always feel uncoordinated and embarrassed at gym classes, but I agreed because I was new to the area and had been promising myself that I would start working out.

I'll admit, the first couple classes were hard to follow - especially for someone who does not have a fitness or dance background - but I laughed the whole time. Karen said "the more you come the more you'll get it". I honestly didn't believe her (I thought I was the one person who would prove to her that this wasn't always the case). I went a few more times under the promotion they had and then one day my body did a move before my brain even knew what to do and I knew she was right. Honestly, I still screw up and go the wrong direction half the time - but I love it.

It often takes me longer than your average Zumba® fiend to get new choreography, but the environment is so supportive. I love the music and having the lights dimmed helps me. The "regulars" are encouraging and friendly and these classes have changed my view on working out.  

The next hurdle for me will be attending TTSU, but one hurdle at a time."

- Emilie L.

"OBSESSED with this studio!!! I stumbled across Karen's Zumba class about 3 years ago, and I'm so happy I did! Classes are full of energy, support and encouragement. The instructors are excited to be there, and each class make you feel glad you decided to work out!! My highest recommendations to people wanting to try this studio (especially Karen's Zumba classes)."

- Sharon S.